Energy Economics

The economic performance of the Carnot Battery depends on a broad spectrum of value drivers. These include energy trading, grid utilisation and the legal and regulatory framework. The calulation of operating models for energy storage differs significantly from the calulation for power plants because the volatility of electricty prices is much more important than their absolute level for storage. The possibility to use this volatility depends on the technical abilities of the storage such as the discharging and charging power, the active storage capacity and the efficiency. In order to optimise the technical design of a Carnot Battery across all value drivers, carbonclean has developed the CABOP (“Carnot Battery OPtimiser”) software. With this software it is possible to determine the optimal operation across reserve marktes, spot markets, grid utilisation and the reulatory framwork. carbonclean offers this optimisation on a consultancy basis to the market. Applications include all types of storage including lithium batteries, pumped-hydro and thermal storage.

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